Sunday, November 15, 2009

"IN BED TOGETHER" at ROYAL/T, Culver City, CA.

I'm excited to report that, JoAnne Northrup, Chief Curator at The San Jose Museum of Art, has chosen to exhibit my piece: (09-08) 6:47 PDT Antioch, CA (NBC)-- in the upcoming exhibition: In Bed Together, at Royal/T Art Space, Culver City, CA.

If you can make the opening, it sounds like you will be in for a great time!


What's Next at Royal/T?

On November 20, 2009, Royal/T will debut In Bed Together, a new exhibition curated by Jane Glassman that will showcase the full circle of professionals that comprise the 21st Century arts community.

In Bed Together is the realization of Curator Jane Glassmans vision for a collaborative event featuring 50 works by 50 different artists that have been selected by 50 invited art professionals. The exhibit features a full circle of professionals from within the interconnected arts community including collectors, auction house specialists, educators, curators, museum directors, advisors, critics, journalists, gallerists, and nonprofit leaders, each submitting one piece, presented with thoughtful personal texts and insight as to the purpose of their selection. By bringing together all these key characters in the arts community, In Bed Together will highlight each specific role within the art world that is critically dependent on and supportive of each other. Showcasing an array of art forms, exhibited pieces include paintings, drawings, mixed media, sculptures, videos, photography, and performance art by artists such as Aya Uekawa, Linda Besemer, Cao Fei, and Marilyn Minter. Exploring the symbiotic relationship between all the participants, In Bed Together provides an opportunity to let the art, and the professionals who love it, each tell a compelling story of the vibrant international contemporary art scene today.

The concept for In Bed Together is the brainchild of Jane Glassman, founder of ARTeamLA, a consulting company that provides resources to the art world. Over the past 20 years, Glassman has worked in and around the various art world vocations represented in the show, including artist, collector, journalist, advisor, curator, dealer, gallerist, board member, and director of various non-profit art organizations.