Sunday, November 23, 2014

A.I.R. Gallery Press Release for, Making and Taking: "Pictures" Reconsidered

Making and Taking: “Pictures” Reconsidered
A.I.R. Gallery’s 11th Biennial Exhibition

December 4, 2014 - January 3, 2015

Opening Reception: Thursday, December 4, 6-9pm

A.I.R. Gallery, 111 Front Street #228 Brooklyn, NY

Making and Taking: “Pictures” Reconsidered, curated by Nancy
Princenthal, is an exhibition of thirty–three artists of diverse
backgrounds, from the United States, Canada, and Israel.
Nancy Princenthal writes: This biennial results from an open
invitation to female artists “investigating the intersection of hand
produced and photographic pictures.”

Artists: Temme Barkin - Leeds, Kristi Beisecker, Susan Carnahan,
Sophia Chai, Melissa Cowper-Smith, Erin Kyle Danna, Torrie Fox,
Margery Freeman Appelbaum, Rose Frisenda, Kristin Furbeck,
Karine Giboulo, Shohreh GolAzad, Susan Hambleton, Jasmine Higbee,
Monica Hopenwasser, Donna Anderson Kam, Kharis Kennedy,
Jessica Ma ia, Erika Mahr, Kate McCammon, Ali Miller, Yasaman Moussavi,
Josefa Mulaire, Ilona Pachler, Caroline Parks, Rebecca Shavulsky,
Amy Swartele, Sarah West, Amanda Wild, Jeanne Wilkinson, Suly Wol ,
Greta Young, Mary Zompetti

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